Bigger is not Always Better

Our small experienced team moves more real estate per agent than any other firm in Kearney.

This raises an important question. Would you rather work with a firm that has more years experience per agent, or one that has more agents per year? In other words, if a small and efficient team can consistently do a better job for you than other firms that require two or three times as many agents, wouldn’t it make sense to work with the more efficient team? If one agent can do the job of many, wouldn’t you choose that specific agent to help you sell your house?

We are experienced.

Year after year, the faces at RE/MAX Executives in Kearney have stayed the same. Not many things in real estate are for certain, but there is some comfort in knowing that there is stability and consistency when you call on our team to help you navigate those waters. We don’t have new agents coming in one door and out the other. We are selective in bringing on new team members.

We are persistent.

We weather the good times and the bad. And we know you have to do the same. We understand because we’ve been there before. And we’ll be there again. Our agents will continue to be there for you year after year.

Consistency. Efficiency. Results. That’s our difference.